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Terms of Service

Here is a list of our terms of service for boarding (hotel stays) and appointment bookings.


Q: What is Meow-Biscuit Hotel?    
A: Meow-Biscuit Hotel is a luxury pet hotel for cats that provides top-quality care and accommodations for your furry friend.    
Q: What services does Meow-Biscuit Hotel offer?    
A: We provide a wide range of services for your cat, including daily playtime, feeding, grooming, and medical care. We also offer luxury accommodations for your cat, with private rooms and suites available.    
Q: What makes Meow-Biscuit Hotel different from other pet hotels?    
A: At Meow-Biscuit Hotel, we specialize in providing ayurvedic accommodations and top-quality care for your cat. Our experienced staff is dedicated to ensuring that your cat receives the best possible care and attention during their stay with us.

Q: What is the damage insurance fee when I try to book a stay for my dog?

A: The damage insurance fee is a $75 mandatory fee for bookings with dogs and exotics.  This fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable.  Payment for this fee is due at check-in.

Q: How do I hold my reservation?

A: There is an automatic $15 fee to hold your booking.  See cancellation policy for more details.

Q: How many pets can I reserve for one booking? 

A: Maximum 4 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 exotics per booking.

Q: I am having an issue with my payment on the website.  What can I do?

A: Please contact for assistance. 

Q: What all do I need to present for my pet's check-in?

A: If you have not completed the form online, you will be asked to show your ID and your pet's vaccine record (depending on cat or dog) upon check-in. 

Q: What are all the forms of payment that you accept?

A: Apple Pay, PayPal/Venmo, Credit Card.  We do NOT accept cash or checks.

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