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About me

Hi, I'm Lily! As a passionate cat owner myself, I understand the importance of finding a trustworthy and reliable cat sitter who can provide the love and attention your fur baby deserves. I have 10+ years of experience in cat care, dog training, and exotics. I have a growing friendly presence in the veterinary community for my services.

What to expect from your stay:

  • Throughout our time together, you will receive regular updates and photos of your pets.

  • Your pets will be fed daily with our standard cat and dog food a minimum of 3x per day.

    If you wish, you may elect to curate your pet's meal plan and we will accommodate diets for free or minimal expenses.

  • Dogs will be walked daily for a minimum of 3 hours per day.

    If you wish, you may leave specific potty/walk schedules for your hotelier to adhere.

  • We may request a toy or personal item (like an old sock) for your pet to have during their stay. Please bring these items at check-in.

  • Lily has senior experience in pet care and offers minimally ill animals to maintain reservation and stay. This will incur a $35 fee for natural treatment and quarantining, which you can pay for at reservation booking.

About Me

Property Details

Property Type

Single Family Home


1,600 sqft



Litter Boxes




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Hotelier Location

Worthington Ct, Novi, MI, USA

Comments (2)

Mar 17

Lily thank you very much for taking care my dog Cheetoh he loved it


Janice Farrakhan
Mar 04

I was initially hesitant to leave my grumpy cat in someone else's care, but selecting Lily was an absolute game-changer! My cat can be quite a handful, with an attitude that could put even the most experienced cat owner to the test. However, from the moment I checked-in, it was evident that Lily had a special way with cats.

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