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Hey there, fellow cat lovers and small dog enthusiasts! I'm Jennifer, your friendly neighborhood art student in the heart of Manhattan, and I'm on a mission to spread love, joy, and purrs one pet sitting gig at a time.

When I'm not wielding paintbrushes or sculpting masterpieces in the studio, you can bet I'm spending quality time with some of the coolest cats and smallest dogs in town. Why? Because nothing warms my heart more than the company of our furry friends!

Living in this bustling city can be hectic, and I get it – sometimes you need to jet off for a weekend getaway or stay late at the office. That's where I come in! Whether your kitty craves cuddles or your tiny pup needs a playdate, I'm here to provide top-notch care and attention.

As an art student, I bring a creative flair and a keen eye for detail to everything I do – including pet sitting! From customizing play sessions to capturing your pet's personality in a portrait (yes, I love to sketch!), I'll go above and beyond to make sure your furry family members feel right at home.

So if you're looking for a reliable, responsible, and downright passionate pet sitter in Manhattan, look no further! Drop me a line, and let's chat about how I can make your pet's day – one purr, bark, or tail wag at a time. 🎨🐾

About Me

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200 Montague Brooklyn Heights, Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA


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